Spiritual meaning of pheasant

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Spiritual meaning of pheasant

The colorful pheasant is used as a spiritual symbol in cultures worldwide ranging from China to North America. The spirit animal was widely used in Native American culture for many years. Now it has slowly become integrated with popular culture and is used extensively in different forms of astrology for predicting the nature of the individual. Tarot reading is also using the pheasant symbol. In both astrology, tarot reading and other prediction methods, each individual is associated with an animal or bird. This is because the behavior and personality traits of the person closely resembles the behavior of his spirit animal in the wild. So a person who is told that his spirit animal is a pheasant will display the following characteristics discussed below.

The pheasant spirit animal is like the extremely attractive and colorful pheasant, the person will have an attractive personality, and people will be drawn towards him. The person is seductive and passionate, so he will easily make friends when he is given the opportunity. This can make it easy for the person to achieve his personal as well as professional goals. In a party or other social gathering, the person will be the center of attraction, interacting with a large number of people. In personal relationships also the person finds it easy to seduce the person who he is attracted to, so there is no shortage of partners and friends. The person is also likely to have friends who are also having a pheasant spirit like him.

In nature, the pheasant likes to roam freely in open spaces, searching for food. Though the bird is able to fly, it will usually do so only for a shorter period of time. So the person with pheasant spirit is curious by nature, likes to wander around, exploring new opportunities, will be open to new experiences. Though the person can reach great heights, he is actually exploring the options available only for a shorter period of time. If he wishes he can also fly, to achieve the goals, he is capable of if he is motivated and given the support he requires. So most people with the pheasant spirit can easily achieve their goals, if they work hard enough since they are physically attractive.

Though being attractive and passionate can help, it may have create some problems for men who are in a long term relationship. The flirtatious nature of the person with pheasant spirit can lead to multiple relationships, resulting in resentment and disputes with the partner, who may be possessive. Like others, the person will also face danger so he should be alert and protect himself. If faced with a problem, the person should carefully evaluate the information available and then take a decision to avoid losses and damage.