Pheasant symbolism used in tarot reading

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The colorful and attractive bird, the pheasant has been a symbol of seduction, passion and attraction for centuries worldwide. The word “pheasant” is derived from Greek term , “the bird of phasis”, with phasis the ancient name of a river in Caucausian region. The pheasant is a large game bird which is found roaming in open areas, in most countries. Though it is able to fly more than 100 feet, the bird is usually found roaming on the ground , foraging for different types of insects like grasshoppers, and seeds. Many hunters are shooting peasants, which is a popular game bird. The birds are also eaten by different animal species like foxes, wolves, bears, which are the natural predators. Hence most people rarely spot a live pheasant in their usual routine.

So when a pheasant appears in a persons dreams, or they find a pheasant outside their home, office or while commuting on the road, roadside, many people think that this sighting of the colorful bird is symbol or a message to them. They think that it is sign of a major change in their life in future. Many people are curious to find out more about the bird, what kind of change it will bring in their life. Since it is a large and colorful bird, Pheasant symbolism is found in many cultures and mythologies worldwide. Other birds which are similar in appearance are often confused for pheasants.