I Found a Wonderful Apartment

Of course a wonderful apartment is not going to be cheap, but I was lucky in that I found this guy who works at one of those big skyscrapers for a big bank in downtown Charlotte. It was easy enough because he trusted me and he had this plan. Of course I would not have been hunting for luxury apartments for rent in Charlotte NC if I had not had him and his money. In fact they likely would not have ever let me have the place. I just do not have the means to impress those people and this guy has plenty of collateral and plenty of income. In fact he does not plan upon living full time there, because he is a really avid boater and fisherman. He bought this piece of land on Lake Jordan and that is where I come into his plans. Eventually he wants to build a house there and a boat dock, but right now he just wants to clear off enough land to put down a concrete pad.

I did that sort of thing working for my uncles when I was in high school and during the summer when I was in college. What he wants done is not even that difficult. I just need to go out there and find the best spot, level it off and then create the place where the concrete can be poured. I will probably hire some random guys to help me so that I can do it on a Saturday morning and be done with it. That is all there is to it. Then he will need to get some power so that he can put an old camper trailer there and use if for the weekends. He and I went up there and caught some fish last weekend.