I Could Not Have Found a Better Apartment Anywhere else

When I was looking at Asheville NC apartments for rent, I knew that I had to consider not only how the apartment was but also the location of the complex too. I definitely wanted to find a nice apartment that had the typical things that upscale apartment complexes have, like a swimming pool and fitness center. I wanted those to both be top of the line amenities too that are well taken care of, and I found that at The District. The next thing I had to do was look at what is around it, and I knew I hit the jackpot once I looked at the website to see what all is around it.

It is super close to Bitmore Village, and I mean close enough to walk to it. A neat thing about the website for The District is that I was able to look at a map with different local interests on it. I could sort it by entertainment venues, restaurants, schools, and then shopping. When I looked at the entertainment venues, I saw where there are parks, golf courses, movie theaters, a nature center, and all sorts of recreational places.

The restaurants and shopping markers on this map were just as impressive, and I knew that I was going to take an apartment here. Another bonus to moving here was I had an impressive choice of one bedroom apartments. There were quite a few, and the square footage of them was enough of a variance that anyone renting a one bedroom apartment here would find exactly what they are looking for, whether it be a small studio apartment or the largest one bedroom unit there is, which includes a lot of extra spaces in it. Since moving here, I know that I could not have found a better apartment anywhere else.