Moving to Las Vegas Was the Best Thing So Far

When we first talked about moving to Nevada, all I could picture was an urban place in the middle of the desert. My only experience was going to Las Vegas with my parents when they would visit the casinos. When my husband got a promotion that required us to move to the area, I could only picture hot sun and desert. He showed me a website for some Las Vegas apartments in Summerlin that changed my mind. The pictures of the landscaped grounds with grass and trees really altered what I was imagining in my head.

I had just graduated as an RN who was working toward becoming a Certified Registered Nurse Practitioner. I was actually looking forward to applying at the health facilities in the area. My skills were portable to let me get a good job anywhere. His was confined to an industry that only operates in certain parts of the country with Las Vegas being one of them. Our first day at The Palms at Peccole Ranch was nice. We explored the property and all of the amenities. The swimming pools were very inviting with their crystal clear water. The place had extra storage for items we did not want to keep in our apartment, and they even have garage parking. Tall ceilings and big closets give us lots of open space. We did not feel cramped at all.

We picked a really nice apartment. It has a washer and dryer and a breakfast bar. I like that a lot as we get up to get ready for work at the same time. It is nice to sit and talk while eating breakfast before we head out to face the day. I really enjoyed decorating our new place. It is home to us, and we look forward to coming back to it every evening after work.