I Got Admitted into CSU

Of course they did not really give me much time to get ready for the start of the fall semester and I am scrounging around looking for a place to live. Right now I have been searching craigslist for Colorado Springs apartments and obviously I would love it if I could find a place that is as close to the campus as is possible. At any rate I have just not got here, last night I slept in my car on a street near the place I was going to check out. I am going to try to find a place that is affordable and I would love it if I could find a good roommate, one that I could trust and rely upon. It is a simple matter to find a roommate, but you have to figure out if they are going to do what they claim that they are going to.

Obviously the big thing is paying your share of the rent, but you have to think about other stuff. I would not like it if I had to put up with a big fat jerk for a whole semester, but once you made the commitment that is all that you would be able to do. So I am not really sure how to go about checking up on a guy, it is not as though you could hire a private investigator to go interview the people who know dozens of candidates. That is sort of silly and I suspect it would drive off the people you were checking up on. So I guess that you could check on the web and social media. That would likely get you a distorted view, since for all you know the real jerk might be the person who is calling someone else a jerk.