I Am Going to Stay Here I Think

I hit Las Vegas’ airport about seven thirty in the morning and I am quite sure that Lee had not slept at all. He was with a beautiful girl, that was not that big of a surprise actually. He owns about sixty percent of an enormous strip club there, but this was a stunningly beautiful brunette escort. That was how she described herself, but she was just trying to see how I would react to the idea. It did not bother me and Lee asked me if I knew why he had called me. I made a joke about him needing someone to take care of his girlfriend, sort of sensing that she was checking me out. He laughed and said that she would eat me alive and spit out my bones. I really did not doubt that. The thing was that he was thinking about expansion, but he needed partners and he wanted someone he thought that he could trust.

He took me to his house, a place out in the desert. It was really hot and we drank a few beers out by the pool. The brunette made us steak and eggs for breakfast and then a bunch of other girls came out to play by the pool or sun tan. They were all really beautiful and apparently all were living there. Of course the truth was that they were transients, girls working on a circuit from one club to the next. Being the sweet guy he was Lee was happy to throw in a free bed to sleep and let them all play by his pool. I was not sure if he was trying to impress me or not, but if he was he did a fair job of it. Pretty soon the brunette offered to show me my room, that was really the highlight of the trip.