Selfish greedy fraud Google, tata employees do not realize that endless cheating kills the motivation of the fraud victim

To get free research, google, tata blocking all writing work
There is no limit to greed, dishonesty and exploitation of the shameless fraud pimp google, tata employees who have already defamed, cheated and exploited the google competitor to supply goan prostitutes, get money bribes, jobs for relatives of the fraud top officials since 2010, making the google competitor work like a slave.

Not satisfied with stealing the identity of the google competitor to get 10 lazy greedy frauds raw/cbi jobs, the cruel animal google, tata employees are also blocking all writing work, so that she does not spend her time writing for which she will be paid, instead wastes her time and money to find new money making methods online, which google, tata can then control, doing free research for these greedy fraud companies who have made her work as a slave for more than 8 years since 2010

However now the google competitor has her payment online blocked so often since 2010, without a valid reason, that she realizes that spending more time online is a waste of time, there is no transparency at all in the indian internet sector, spending the same time reading, cleaning, gardening, managing finances for better returns, ensuring that there is no fraud, is far more productive than spending hours online, making almost no money due to the google, tata fraud.

The fraud google, tata employees are showing their poor judgement, when they think that the google competitor will tolerate cheating for the rest of her life. In Mumbai, the google competitor is only checking the emails, and in goa also she may start doing the same as the indian internet sector is world famous as the greatest online fraud in 2018.