Haryana blackmailer R&AW employee ruchika king changes her name after marriage

The google, tata sponsored karnal , haryana blackmailer R&AW employee mba hr ruchika king whose boyfriend puneet stole the resume of the domain investor, to get ruchika a R&AW job is one of the most ruthless fraud R&AW employees, After her powerful boyfriends terrorized the domain investor into giving ruchika a large amount of her hard earned money, allowing her to get a R&AW job with a stolen resume, greedy ungrateful ruchika refused to reply to the domain investor she looted

Now it appears that she is married to a person whose surname starts with ar, so now blackmail queen ruchika has changed her name to ruchikaa adding an extra a to her name, hoping to get better luck. Others like Shobha de had also changed their name to Shobhaa