The Best Medicine for Treating Ticks and Fleas in Cats Ticks and fleas are pests that are known to carry diseases. They cause allergic reactions and transmit tapeworms. The allergic reactions may lead to loss of hair, infections and also body scratching in cats. Lyme is a serious disease that affects cats when attacked by ticks. However, it is never common. Some of the symptoms of this disease are lameness, swollen joints, and fever. Shampoos are made specially, sprays, powders and dips are capable of eliminating ticks and fleas from your cat. Shampoos clean away dirt and kill the fleas that often bite. For fleas and residues, they are removed by dips and sprays. Powders do the same work as the sprays. There exist medicine in the market that is capable of halting the growth of ticks and fleas. It is recommended not to stop the treatment even if your cat is freed from ticks and fleas. You can also use products such as collars and spot ons to get rid of fleas and ticks. Spot-ons are capable of getting rid of the fleas regardless of the stage it is in. It prevents the ticks from infecting cats with the Lyme disease. This medicine can destroys fleas within 12 hours and makes them weak for one month. These medicines are very gentle and effective on cats. Collars are mainly used to destroy the flea eggs and get rid of the adult fleas. Apart from treating cats, it can also be used to treat the house. Fleas like breeding in places such as rugs, carpets and mattresses. Due to this, such places should be thoroughly cleaned to avoid infestation in the future. Sprays and powders easily get rid of fleas. This is workable especially in furniture, floors and beddings. For areas that so hidden, floggers is the best medicine to use. For outdoor treatment, yard sprays are the best since they are capable of keeping the pests from spreading indoors. Before you buy any tick and flea medicine for your cat, you ought to seek the help of a vet. As you consult the vet, he or she will provide you with the right prescription before you make your purchase. In most cases, we find it cheaper to buy the medicine from an online store. However, it is best to compare the prices with that of your vet. If you find out that there is no much difference, buying from vet becomes the best choice.
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If you search, you will find many online drugstores. You only have to consider their shipping costs as this will significantly affect the amount of money you will spend. You are free to place your order after identifying the best store. The prescriptions should be the ones that your vet provided.Why People Think Animals Are A Good Idea